Day 6&7&8 – Foundation for the Mid-South

During the day 6&7&8, our team travelled to Jackson – the capital city of Mississippi. We finally met Dr. Ivye L. Allen, CEO of Foundation for the Mid-south.

“The Foundation for the Mid South was established to bring together the public and private sectors and focus their resources on increasing social and economic opportunity. The mission of the Foundation for the Mid South is to invest in people and strategies that build philanthropy and promote racial, social, and economic equity in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.”

The Foundation is seeking to develop a Regional Enterprise Development Strategy that seeks to strengthen the capacity of small-to-medium businesses by supporting the existing networks/resource systems that support entrepreneurship in the region. Our previous meetings with institutions, policy makers, and local entrepreneurs helped us understand the motivations, opportunities, and constrains that small businesses face in the region.


From our meeting with Dr. Allen in Jackson, we confirmed the objectives for our projects. We also had a chance to understand the history and organizational structure of the Foundation for the Mid-South. Thanks to Dr. Allen, we had a comprehensive understanding of the three regions – Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

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